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24/7 Luxury Car Rental in Atlanta, GA

For the most premier car rental services in the Atlanta, GA, area, look to Rent My Benz. We’ll take your call at any time of day and bring your Mercedes Benz rental right to your location. Learn more about our rental and appointment-based services below. 

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Mercedes Benz Rental & Delivery

Driving around a luxury sedan or other high-quality vehicle is the ultimate display while traveling or commuting to work. Also, they keep you amazingly comfortable while you travel! For both comfort and extravagance, there’s nothing better than a Mercedes Benz. When you’re looking for one in a short- or long-term context, turn to Rent My Benz. Our car rental service deals exclusively with Mercedes Benz rentals, making us the experts in our field. Plus, you can call us at any time of the day to arrange your rental and have it driven to your location. 

Our Vehicle Lineup

  • Mercedes B Class
  • Mercedes C Class
  • Mercedes CLA Class
  • Mercedes CL Class
  • Mercedes CLS Class
  • Mercedes E Class
  • Mercedes G Class
  • Mercedes GLA Class
  • Mercedes GL Class
  • Mercedes GLK Class

Cars Available for Special Events by Appointment

Nothing adds a bit of extra pizzazz or luxury to a photoshoot or video than a beautiful car. When you’re wanting one for your next project, get in touch with Rent My Benz! Our car rental service offers by-appointment uses of our cars for amazing music videos, photo shoots, and more. Contact us today for more information on this unique service, which comes at an affordable price.

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